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C is almost two, and I want to start introducing the Potty to her.  I’ve already started and so far she wants NOTHING to do with it.  I’m a little frightened.  Anyone have any advice?!?!  Anyone want to come teach her?!?!  She’s REALLY cute, hehe.

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  • Heather Whitten - Haha, Good luck:) We’ve started with Lily. She just goes to the bathroom with me when I need to go and before bed and sits on the potty with the little child insert on it.

This has to be one of my favorite engagement shoots!  Honestly not going to lie, I was afraid I wouldn’t have been able to get enough different shots of them because of the snow…..boy was I wrong, I had SO much fun taking them.  We got some many different shots and different ‘poses’ it was great!  Someone of my all-time favorite images are from this shoot.  I mean look at the first image alone 🙂  Also, snow was falling during the beginning, couldn’t have gotten any better could it??





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I can’t believe my little girl is 20 months + 2 days.  Time FLIES when you’re having fun!  She’s gotten SO big and has SUCH a GREAT personality.  She’s a smart little cookie too.

I taught her the baby sign, she’s doing the sign for brushing her teeth.


She’s a HAM!!


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  • Heather Whitten - You look great in that intro picture! And constance is soo big and just as gorgeous as ever! Hope you guys are doing great… it sure looks like you are:)

  • Aimee Price - She is absolutely Beautiful Chelsea! So big too! Hope all is well with you!

Welcome to my blog!  I am VERY excited about my new blog.  I LOVE blogging and posting pictures.  I hope that you all enjoy my posts.  I can talk your head of sometimes or other times say a word or two.  I’m learning how to post on this new blog I have set up so bare with me :O)  Thanks for following me!!

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