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I had such a great time photographing this family. Mom wanted pictures of their new baby boy, before he got too big.  I walked into their home and was in heaven. Their house looked like it belonged in catalogs!storyboard023PINIMAGE























storyboard046PINIMAGEThere were so many spots to use.  This is one of my favorite newborn shoots, it reassures me that these are the kinds of newborn sessions I want to capture, lifestyle, in the home relaxed, casual, and in their own environment. So happy I was able to shoot this beautiful family! Big brother was a good sport taking pictures, and so was dad.


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My little man turned one on April 12th 🙁 oh how fast time flys!  I thought a Monster themed party would be super cute!  I got a ton of ideas off of interest, it really is such a great place to pin ideas and keep them organized.  If I didn’t have it I probably would have forgotten why I saved the link.  I made just about everything at the party.  Someone made the cakes for me-which were SOOOOOO good, we’ve had them at all of my daughters birthday, if you are local and want her information let me know.  She’s SO talented!  My best friend also my son’s Godmother made his birthday sign, she did awesome on it!  I made tissue paper balls for the first time, I read an article that said it would take an hour to make one, they looked really easy to make and they were.  They didn’t take long at all and they aren’t expensive either!  I saw a pin that had ribbon put on the highchair, I was going to do that, but then I had ALLLLLL this fabric for my son’s monthly pictures that was not being used for anything so I decided to cut and rip those up, instead of spending money on ribbon.  It was SO easy!  I had so much of it (i had about 1 yard for each color-with 4 colors) and it made the banner for the highchair and for the fireplace and I still had a bunch left over.  I just put a piece of fabric on the back of his highchair to cover up the rainforest themed seat.  I did adopt a monster for favors, it’s just a play dough container with construction paper wrapped around.  I had SO many wiggly eyes that I decided to use them on there as well.  The outfit-pants and monster picture-I got from a vendor on Etsy.  He was not a happy baby on the day of his party, as you’ll be able to tell.  He was VERY intrigued by the balloons though, that’s all he wanted the whole day.  I wanted to keep all the food as monster themed.  I think one of my favorite things were the orange and blue cups with the eyes on them and then letting everyone draw a face on them.  I had seen someone put eyes on cups from another blog and I thought it’d be cute to have people make a face.

Ok I’ve bored you enough, I’ll post another blog with the links where I found the ideas for things and recipes for the food if you want them.


I LOVED these little monster boxes, found again on pinterest.  Spray painting them was easy, I tried to spray paint the dots…yeah doesn’t work-as you can see on the orange one-so I just bought sticker dots at walmart and put them on, my 3 year old helped as well.


see the orange one…spray paint dots = no go.


now this is what I call a successful party!


If anyone local is interested in all the leftover stuff, plates, napkins, cups, decorations, I have it all and am happy to sell it all to you.

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I’m doing my best friend’s family pictures in May, she asked me what they should wear for pictures, so her and I just spent the last 2 hours, ok maybe 3 going back and forth with different clothing items.  She has two boys, and is pregnant with a little girl right now.  We actually based the colors off of the little girls dress, since she’s kind of the main focus, since they are newborn pictures.  But we wanted to have all the outfit tie in together, which is important.  They don’t have to be matchy matchy, just coordinating.  I think we did a pretty good job putting it together.  I can’t wait to photograph it.  (I just through the earrings in for an extra idea, she may do her jewelry differently, and the boys already have khakis but I wanted to put it together so you could get the whole idea.) So I created this so that she could see it altogether and see how it would really pull through, and I really like all, the purple and orange and grey mixed in.  Everything here can be found at Old Navy.


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